SEARCH SERVICES: Abstractor Associates not only offers a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time for all searches, but includes as well a free copy of the current vesting deed and full tax property report for the current tax year. Any addition copies required need to be requested at the time of order placement and will come at an additional copy cost fee. Please contact us for search rates.

MOBILE CLOSINGS: Abstractor Associates performs both residential and commercial closings, which can be done either in-house or at an on-site location. Please allow a minimum of 24-hours closing notice for all closing requests. Please contact us for closing rates.

RECORDING SERVICES: Recording information for all documents presented to the county will be reported on the same day of presentation. Please reference any of the following documents that will assist you in setting up your recording packages:


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BY PHONE: 586.778.7554


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